Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nights of being a 18 kids.

Getting older n older and I realize how my life has changed just within a night. From the 6th to 7th of Nov. from that innocent look to this now speechless emotions. As if like life is unexpected... So... From the 6th over night at James' until the 11th at home, on my bed... I realize how much I care about every single person in my life. I should say the brothers I have. James has some problem with Beatrix not too sure about the detail but just glad it goes well but a part of me really wonders does Beat really likes him or just randomly going into people's life n mess things up. Just cause of worries I wonder am I jealous or just care too much for him. There are doubts.
About William, I don't know how to say he's just keeping too much things within himself. Like I know there's something wrong with her gf but can't help. He never share which is kinda weird. Somehow I wish I can read mind so at least I know what are people thinking of so I might b able to help? Maybe? Probably? :x

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