Sunday, 30 December 2012


got back from the family vacation down south.
it was such a long road trip that I still cant remember anything I've actually done. other than looking at the photos I took throughout the trip nothing actually click a little. Anyway, this trip has been almost 11 days and it was really tiring. Gone on plane, car, cruise, boat, taxi, helicopter, sky dive and bungy. I guess my 2012 is totally compete. last Sunday of 2012 and Im home thinking what happened throughout the year.
Been through the ups and downs just too much to b remembered.
After all, one thing I actually realize is just that i dont really have any friends. Maybe is true of what the family has been telling me about. It is kinda sad but it's true. The friends I have just arent my friend at all. Looking at the friendlist I create I found no one and that's fine. I always think just someday there will be someone appreciate me to b in their real friend friendlist no just me thinking and just me thinks 'you' are my friend.
just maybe I wish there a magic to find where true friend is hidden.


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