Monday, 17 September 2012

Friends aren't always as good as you thought they would me.

Well, the title of the post says it all.
Things been happening, first is Selina then now is Her, a friend who I once thought she was more than what I expected to have throughout my whole life. She left and pass on the shits and go on to a friend who I've no comment about but from China. I'm not being racist or whatever shits. Just saying that Natasha is just being such a dog behind her. Zzj is just annoys sometimes but the thing is I never hates her. I can't find a point to hates her but now both of them are just like magnet. Not try to be mean but the truth I see is both of them are just like dog with its owner. *no offense* Besides, I'm not jealous that they are close (well,a bit actually) but at the end I still don't think my 2years friendship with Natasha will lose to a 6months old friend. In reality I've lost my confident. A friend that you think she will stays as long as you would; will not always do / think the same.

I do wonder, what's the point of meet new people when no one bothers to make effort to stay as long as you wish they will...
Things and thoughts are just pointless.


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