Friday, 13 December 2013

The day has come.

The night, the look, the expression, the feeling, the gesture, the everything... Just everything of her has come to an end. A full stop.
She waited until everyone to get home and everyone who's apart of the current generations are all there. I remember the way she opened her eyes, just to look at me... It wasn't force, it was willingness and satisfaction. The very last few moments that she had was just to have a meal with her grandchildren, that moment where all of us just sit around her bed and talk our future like she will get through, that moment where she closed her eyes just to feel the touch of ours on her... Those little moments were the best, the best memory she left with us. 
I can still feel her, she seems to be still around, just like that... Lying on her bed, asking us to keep it down and wake up with a cup of warm drink waiting for you. She was precious and she will always be around in my heart, my memory and my life.

Grandma, Per Peh you will be loved. ☺


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