Wednesday, 18 December 2013

no one should be left behind.

That voice you woken up by...
It's mum telling sis that dads not able to send you to work, cause of stomachache and I thought it is nothing until I see the look at his face. He seems lost, miserable but STRONG. One thing that I love about dad is, no matter how tired or worry he is, he's always strong. Not just physically but you can feel him mentally too is strong. A guy who has survived in this world for almost half a century and feeling something is not right... Without any slight doubt and drive his car to the hospital. That pain must hurt or else he could've hold on to the ache and act like nothing has happened. 
I believe he will be fine, I believe he is the superman that love inside of me, I believe this is just a small matter and I believe he just need some break from this whole year, he will definitely stay strong although it is just some kind of rock in his kidney. I should have faith in him and I will be strong because. He taught me how,

I love you dad.

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