Monday, 16 July 2012

Term 3 starts.

Well, the title said it all.
the 16th of July and term 3 started.

First thing got into photography class, a response from Mr.B was in 8 weeks time you should have at least 2 boards done. at that moment i really wanted to die. I mean i started my photo shoot but those photos werent what ive expected i mean i need something more strong and interesting to look to. I need camera on me every moment so I can capture what i wanted. but no. Im too fcking lazy to even move and carry my camera.
it sucks and i tell u is never too late to start working out and get your motivation ready.

It's time to get it on. Got into every class and every single teacher told me the same thing... is term 3 the term where everyone is a mess and no one can have a break. week 9 is mocks and fml. i dont think i've learned anything from the las ttwo terms.
I need revision.
I need more time.
I need motivation most importantly.


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