Sunday, 29 July 2012

tell me about it.

I know I should not be depress about it but these thoughts are killing me a way.
Well, term 3 started and tomorrow is week 3... Prom will be held in this term, as you know prom is like the must go thing in high school. It's important in my opinion. Anyway, Selina txted me and I heard about Arthur asked her to be her partner well, she rejected. Jacq has two people who asked her, she wonders. Well, is not like I'm keen but is just that I really think a partner is necessary at this kind of event... most importantly is that this is the last year for high school. 
to be honest, i really hope someone will ask me to go to the prom with him...

Just like what Shally mentioned the other night... "This is your high school, you should be having a boyfriend and someone to be together with not with us." Well, that's true but no guys will like a girl who is fat, dumb, ugly and with single eye lids. no one will want to have someone who is that imperfect. I mean it is okay to be imperfect but sometimes what you accept is not what other people will accept. they wont accept who you are even though you're being who you are suppose to be.

the society tells the truth and we are the ones who make decision on what we want to believe in.


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