Sunday, 15 July 2012

this is just life.

A life is where you live and be who you really are. No one was born to please someone else. I mean I get it at some point people walk into your life and leave like nothing has ever happened. Wearing a mask to live up a life sucks. That's pretty much of a life.
I've been living in this world for almost 18 years now and yes. often people ask dont you want somebody to be around u like your family and friends. In fact, sometimes i just wish there's this someone who will be around me and stay. Telling everyone im not desperate is a lie. I am... i need a guy who i can cuddle with and talk to and mayb to be with. 
I am not pretty, am lazy, am not skinny like any other girls out there and am not jst some girls who seek attention. I am who I am and I've been carrying a baggage around with masks in it. Now i really want to live up my life and be who I really am. 

Hopefully, everything is fine.


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