Monday, 25 February 2013

A lot.

Dear diary,
I'm back from Msia yesterday and I realize life is so hard when you have no money from that trip. From wanting health, better life and less worries are to be dine by money. So I got back and boyfriend went to the beach day out with the bunch and the twins along. Well, to be honest I wanted to go but I feel weird n bad about myself since last night dinner. I really did gained a lot of weigh but hey saying a person fat wouldn't entertain anyone else better. The movie night... Wasn't being invited by the host so yea... Anyway, got to meet him yesterday and sort of did hug I should say. :) until today the day out until the movie and now his battery is dead; I realize how much I miss him. I miss his hugs, his breath, his talks and just everything. I love him and I really do but I've a feeling everytime I look at Bea's photo. Why me? Why not her and does he really love me as much as I do? Been a month now we didn't actually meet up and be together. I miss every date that we had. I miss that boy.


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