Thursday, 28 February 2013

Before happiness ends.

Dear diary,
Is the last Thursday night to spend with u without any worries and stress from studies. Holiday is coming to an ending and no I'm not ready for anything. The new year came just like that, the v day past just like that and the cny just gone like that... Now the holiday is coming to this end without any alert other than the fact that uni is actually coming ahead. Cannot believe it and I am not ready for it at all. Uni. Another new life to spend in the new environment it somehow remind me of the last time I first came to nz for college. Worries and stressful over the little stuff.
Diary, I didn't over think today maybe because the friends are around and I enjoy it somehow although I didn't talk to them at all. It was just relaxing listening to them and realize... "Hey, this is what it means when you feel what people around you feel like." Party tomorrow and I can't wait to see boyfriend again. Didn't talk much to him but those touching n stuff just aaaaaa. <3 tomorrow will be better. :) before the enjoyment and happiness without stress is gone.


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