Monday, 6 August 2012

Guess this is the time.

Well, here comes the problem.
Friends, i do have them but best friends are who you cant always see.
o well, things been happening i mean this is not my fault at all.
I shall say it. Natasha was the one who should be responsible with it and I dont think being angry is a bad reaction to this matter. Asking people to my place without asking me, telling them to my place at the middle of the night and not telling me about it. These are craps. I mean is rude to do these shits. never apologies for it and showing me that fck face is not a best friend should react.
having pms is ur fcking excuse. like so you're the only one on earth would hav pms.
i mean like really. this is not how best friends should react.
Well, i forgive you without your apologies and today you showing me those crap fcked up face is not what i can stand. I wasnt born to please you dirty little bitch, please. if tomorrow you're still the same of showing me that fck face n rude manner im gonna treat you the same way as you do.

"I'm at a stage where things get messed up just because of the little bullshit."

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