Sunday, 26 August 2012

27th of August,

The 4th/5th day I lose her...
Selina Cheng...
One of my close friend in nz i shall say and no i dont hav much friend like any other people but I just need close friend instead of just lots of friends. People often say close/best friend wont live you alone and yet she left just because of the little argument she had with ZZJ/N/N. Well, I cant blame anyone it was me that bring it up and i just karma comes around. In my heart I didnt want to lose this friend in fact I lost her and we never talk like how we used to and never react to people like how we used to. we are never more than stranger. Guess our friendship just ended like that without saying anything special but because of a person who comes along and messes us up.
I will keep it in mind, things should not mess up the one it happen unless you are the one who brought it up. I hav got more than enough now I will just shut and  stay at where I am suppose to be and no comment. friends is jst someone who comes around and leave.

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