Friday, 18 January 2013

The first date.

The first date

After the Saturday night. Finally things gone better than what I thought we would be. So I was suppose to go to strawberry picking with the sisters n bros but gotta work so decided to cancel it. I told him at the same time and he asked me out cz he had a cafe interview in the morning at Takapuna. I said yes and I took a bus to there. It was awkward at first I guess...
Then we had breakfast together, Starbucks and walked by the long as beach with the Doc on me and his jeans on. We were just chilling and just catching up like how best friends do although we text almost everyday. ;D while we were watching back he was trying to pull me down to the beach but I refuse and just like that we hold hands. It was pretty sweet I reckon. :) then walked to the bench we sat and chill and listen to the nature... Waves, birds and people. We just sat and relax with him beside me. For probably an hour then we walked to the other edge of the beach with rocks everywhere. Then there we go with the adventure experience walked out to the tip and found a wet stone to sat in. Inward as literally laying on his lap throughout. It was so comfortable and I loved it. ;3 we sat and chill again for almost 2hours then we took a bus home. He dropped off from the same bus from me and he walked me home. From Landsberg to the park behind. The walk was short but I was glad somehow I wish it won't end. Anyway, got to the park I was sitting down the slide and he was behind me. It was just like I want to cuddle with him 24/7. We sat and talked again it was just so sweet and I didn't want it to end at all but time ticks. Just like that got to 10 to 5 which mean I've got to work. Just at that moment he said I wish you could stay until 9 now. I was melted inside and of cz I didn't tell him about it. Heheeeeee. I'm actually happy that I've got him and he cares so much. :) I love the girlfriend and he's always mine. <3

It wasn't planned but it went well as for my first date of my life. ;)


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