Sunday, 13 January 2013

the girl with blue hair he said.


dont just guess from the appearance.

just last night at almost the same time. Got back from gym for the first time went for a shower we talked. not like on phone just messaging and I told him Im gonna stayed up late for Selina's 18th wish and we carry on with our convo just like normal. He came out a question out of a sudden. It was about relationship stuff..
He started with Bea and while he was talking about her I'm not like upset, at that moment I felt like i dont even want to care but I did. Well sort of reply him with sarcasm. Then he came out this question about how many guy have you felt for so far and I answered then he asked what about just here? At that moment I just say what my heart and brain told me. 1 and 1 unsure so 2 I guess. Then he asked about Owen I told him the whole story and it was just so long that I dont even want to remember but he's not the one who I'm unsure of. Question back to him and he answered, 2.5? I was actually shocked cause from my memory he had fell for more girls than just 2. Where's the .5 came from? He's like he used to like her back then but for some reason he's not into her anymore. Then I was like what about now did you guys talk or anything.
At that moment I thought that girl was lucky and maybe she actually meant a lot to him? Cause according to him, shes a girl who means a lot to him. I did not ask who is she 'cause I'm afraid of knowing the truth. and I was wondering why he didnt take any move just ask does she like you back or not. He replied with heaps of stuff. not that I can remember he still did not mention the name. Just right there I told him to ask her and if you didnt ask you will never know.
just after I say it he said
"She's the girl with blue hair."

I smiled a little and shocked. Didnt expect this will actually happen just within this short conversation but I love it in some way. :) he said I'm the .5 and the one Im unsure off was him. We almost fell for each other at the same time I guess. The night before my birthday. The long talk we had, the movie night we watched and just everything about me and him. I am glad he told me or else I might just be here spending everyday and night waiting his reply on the texts and being a jelly for him talking to the girls.

However, right now I actually dont know what are we. We said good night last night and this morning we're like nothing happened? well that's just how I felt. should I ask him what are we right now or just carry on. I'm scare that I will lose him just cause he means everything to me.


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