Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Two months.

Dear diary,
It's been two months. We've got together for two months today. I texted him and he replied just like what we usually do. But two months shouldn't something happen somehow? Let me talk for a bit... Uni start at 8 and I finished at 9. How great and waited for them to give blood together around 11ish. Gave blood for like two hours I guess cz of the waiting. I saw him and we've no special reactions maybe cause everyone is there like R Dur and Selina but how I wish he can just hug me tight as I follow to hug him tighter. It didn't happen. Nothing actually happened. So I waited for Selina to do the blood test then she left to library and I not to find the group. It's funny how I lost the old *besties* and now I'm with the boyfriends group. Is not a bad thing maybe. Anyway, so after meeting them I decided to stay until 2 for Murf but the actual reason is I thought he would do something. Yet nothing happened... We sat next to each other no holding hands just sit and talk. I'm not sure is he tired or what but I felt like... I felt like I'm annoying him this week. He might b tired from the long days(I told myself that) from uni. Just maybe we've been meeting up so often we might be sick of each other.
One thing I realized throughout this two months is I fall for him more and more but I'm not sure about him. He means a lot to me now and mayb I didn't show it but hey I hope he knows. I feel bad for him... Having me as his girlfriend might not be a good combination. I'm not pretty, not smart, not skinny, not cheesy... I only know how to dream big but no effort is being put out. I'm eighteen and i don't know what I'm like.
Please let this me an over thinking post. Wouldn't want anything bad happen between us just cause I love him more than you can imagine now.
Bless me.


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